What does it mean to “session”? Why session?

What does it mean to “session”? Why session?

Watch me fall off my bike over and over and over.

What does it mean “to session” and why would you do it?

Sessioning is repeatedely attempting to ride a technical feature or practicing a skill over and over until you figure it out. I’m nothing more than a middle aged, middle of the road bike handler. But I want to get better!

Let’s see if this old goat can learn some new tricks.

Find a difficult spot on a trail, maybe that certain rock, ledge or rock garden that you’ve never been able to ride. Ride it over and over and over until you “get” it. You are burning new neural pathways (keeping you younger!), it’s called neural plasticity. Get it ingrained into your muscle memory, hone your eye hand coordination.

It is an incredible sense of accomplishment to finally ride up a tough rock garden or even up a few stairs that you never considered possible.

Most important, it will prepare you to react naturally and confidently when you are faced with a challenging situation on the trail, road or gravel.

Just do it!


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