One Cyclist Dead and Hope for Another

One Cyclist Dead and Hope for Another

Every Cyclist Safer; one cyclist dead after being hit by an SUV and another one is riding safer. RIP Jesse Andrews and hope for Josh.

Wednesday evening Jan 17th about 9:30pm, 30 year old Jesse Andrews was hit and killed by an SUV while riding near Nixa, MO. Initial reports are that he was riding in the traffic lane on Highway 160 (Campbell Avenue), was not wearing a helmet and was not using any lights. He may have been riding in the traffic lane because of snow on the shoulder. Whatever the situation it seems like Jesse may have been a less fortunate cyclist meaning his only option to get from point A to point B was on a bicycle.

This is exactly the reason for #everycyclistsafer. Sport, recreational and commuter cyclists helping less fortunate riders ride safer on the street by having a simple, brief conversation, giving them a Bicycle Safety Pamphlet and a safety light.

By strange coincidence I was riding through downtown Springfield today (1/18) and saw a young man riding unsafely and I had the GoPro running. I filmed the whole conversation and got his permission to share it on YouTube. Watch the video above…YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

You can help save a life for as little as $13. I’m not asking for your money. I’m asking for you to buy pamphlets and lights and have the conversations in your city when and where you see riders riding unsafely.

Get the League of American Cyclists Safety Pamphlet here.

Get the incredibly affordable, water proof and rechargable Morzone Safety Light here.

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