MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Teaser

MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Teaser

MRP Bike sent this ingenious little device, the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge. That’s a mouthful but what is it?

There are many factors to consider when tuning your suspension, most of which you can tune while on the trail. The problem has been suspension “ramp” or how quickly resistance builds as the suspension compresses all the way to bottom out.

Most suspension forks now allow you to install or remove “tokens” which simply take up air space. More tokens means a faster resistance ramp up. Fewer means a slower ramp up. The big problem is it requires disassembly of the fork top cap, and you won’t know if it’s a good setup until you put it all back together, air it up and test.

The MRP Ramp Control Cartridge is a one time install and has a 16 point indexed adjustment dial allowing precise ramp control tuning, on the fly, on the trail with no disassebly and reassembly. It’s genius.

Subscribe here or to the YouTube channel for a full installation video and review in a few weeks. I have to ride this thing for a while to see how it feels and how it works!

And the MRP Sticker has been added to the Goat Rides Bikes sticker wall of fame!

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