Harlequin Handlebar Tape [Braided Style!]

Harlequin Handlebar Tape [Braided Style!]

Get Creative and Get Colorful

The Harlequin Braided Handlebar Tape Wrap

This is a fairly easy way to add a lot of flash to your bike (and frame protection on Mountain and Gravel Bikes) without spending a lot of money.

Use contrasting colors, complementing colors, team colors or come up with your own idea like my friend Oksana in Colorado. She is originally from Ukraine, she plans to Harlequin wrap her bars in the Yellow and Blue of the Ukrainian flag.


Two different colors of bar tape. I suggest going to your favorite local bike shop and finding bar tape that is pliable, yet strong and durable.  I found great success using an inexpensive tape from a company “Senqi”. If your local shop does not carry it you can find it here on Amazon for less than $9 each.  Senqi EVA Road Bar Tape.  Pick the colors to match your bike, your team, get creative. You’ll need two sets of course.

Knife or Scissors

Black Electrical Tape


I have attached photos showing how to Harlequin Checkerboard (Braid) Wrap a Seat Stay. Not that you would do so on a Road Bike, but it is a great way to protect the Seat Stay or Chain Stay on a Mountain Bike. For the full video showing the entire process on handlebars including wrapping up around the hoods see the video above.

Keep tension on the tape. You can secure the starting end with a Zip Tie. When you wrap it back around and tuck, be sure that tuck is nice and close and the tape is nice and snug.

1. Start with the tape overlapped at a 90 degree angle.

2. Lay the overlapped tape onto the surface to be wrapped at a 45 degree angle to the surface.

3. Flip Blue backwards over Black

4. Wrap Black around, bringing it back around and tuck it in snug against Blue.

5. Flip Blue forward snugly over Black

6. Now flip Black backwards over Blue

7. Wrap Blue around, bringing it back around and tuck it in snug against Black.

Keep repeating.

To Start – Flip Back, Wrap

Continue – Flip Back, Flip Forward, Wrap. Repeat.

It takes a little practice, you might unwrap it a few times. The handlebars are a little tricky wrapping up and around the controls. Be sure that when the tape comes back over the hoods that they are again going in opposite directions to each other at a 90 degree angle. Flip Back, Flip Forward, Wrap!

Send me photos of your Harlequin Checkerboard Braided Bar Wrap finished projects! I will feature them in a future blog post and video.

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