Goat Rides Bikes Est. 2018

Goat Rides Bikes Est. 2018

Bringing you the antics of a middle aged cycling nut that loves people and loves to ride all forms of human powered two wheeled machinery. I’m not fast or the greatest bike handler but I’m determined to get better. My wife likes to say I have OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder) and she is right. Road Riding, Gravel Grinding, Bicycle Commuting, Charity Rides, Social Rides, Skills Clinics. My core passion is Technical Singletrack Trails on my trusty Mountain Bike.

I love being around people and I love that various cycling disciplines have surrounded me with so many great people! Beware…if you’re not already a Mountain Biker I may talk you into following me out onto a trail.

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I may be old and fat, but at least I’m pedaling, let’s see if this old goat can learn some new tricks.

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