EVO Gimbal GoPro Battery Super Hack

EVO Gimbal GoPro Battery Super Hack

EVO SS and GoPro Battery Pack Super Hack


The Evo SS Gimbal requires a battery swap every 2hours, the GoPro requires battery swap every hour. The Gimbal can provide power to the GoPro, but the runtime for the Evo Gimbal is reduced. It is frustrating and kills your “flow” when you have to stop so often to swap batteries.


Create a battery pack of substantial capacity that can power the Gimbal and the GoPro all day long and figure out a way to deliver power from that pack to the Gimbal which will in turn power the GoPro.

Weight Concerns?

If you are concerned about the weight of this pack: The Super Hack Battery Pack weighs 296 grams loaded with 4 18650 batteries. A small zipper case loaded with enough batteries for a long full day of riding with 3 GoPro batteries and 6 18350 batteries weighs 299 grams.

The Battery Pack is easily carried in a Hydration Pack, a shorts pocket or a jersey pocket. It includes a wide Velcro strap, you could mount it to your frame, hydration pack strap or chest camera harness.

Added bonus, this pack can also keep your phone or other GPS device juiced up!



Total cost is $44.50 per pack. Plus another $35 for the charger which you can use for so many other purposes.

A note about 18350 Batteries:

So named because the batteries are 18mm in diameter and 35mm long. We will make dummy batteries to simulate these dimensions to deliver power to the battery compartment.


  1. Cut dowels to approximately 32mm (1 1/4 inches) long, this will leave some space for the screw head which will conduct power to the battery compartment contacts. Mark one dowel as Positive and the other as Negative.
  2. Drill pilot holes in the end of the dummy battery (dowels).
  3. Strip the end of the wires. Connect the 5.5mm male plug to the female plug on the battery pack.
  4. Using a multimeter determine which wire is Positive and which one is Negative. Disconnect the battery pack.
  5. Screw in the screws and wrap the stripped end of the 5.5 mm power leads around the base of the screw heads. Be sure to connect the Positive wire to the Positive dummy battery!
  6. Connect the battery pack. Using the multimeter, verify you have Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative!
  7. Disconnect the battery pack.
  8. Insert the dummy batteries into the EVO Battery Compartment.
  9. Connect the battery pack and power on the EVO!

You will need to cut a small notch in the EVO Battery Compartment cover to allow you to install the cover.


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