Sport, Recreational and Commuter Cyclists helping less fortunate cyclists be safer on the streets.

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Thanks go out to many individuals and organizations that have helped with donations and support since Every Cyclist Safer started in summer of 2017.

Bicycle OutletCannondale Bicycles – Cash Donations from Friends – Let’s Go Smart SpringfieldThe League of American Bicyclists

If you are an organization or an individual that would like to partner with Every Cyclist Safer to help out less fortunate cyclists. Contact me.

Cyclists – we need YOUR help.

  1. Buy some lights and safety pamphlets. Cheap and easy or FREE (we can help get you some kits for free). See links below or contact me to a kit to carry and hand out.
  2. Go ride your bike. Carry a kit with you on every ride. Stash it in your jersey pocket, commuting panniers or back pack. You can even stash them in your car.
  3. Have a conversation. When you see a less fortunate cyclist riding without a light or riding unsafely, be bold, take a few minutes and help them out!

The most important thing we need is you; the sport, recreational or commuter cyclists. You probably have the means and the knowledge to ride safer on the street. There is a very lage population of vulnerable, less fortunate cyclists that don’t have any other option than to ride a bicycle to get from point A to point B. By and large they do not have the means, nor the knowledge to ride safer on the street. Some have been misinformed and think they are supposed to ride into traffic instead of with traffic. Others think it is safe and ok to ride on sidewalks.

We need Cycling Safety Ambassadors in every city. Does this initiative appeal to you? Do you ride in your city and see people that need some help with riding safer on the streets? Contact Every Cyclist Safer (bottom of this page) if you would like to start helping those riders!

Watch the video. See why this matters and see an actual conversation with a less fortunate cyclist. It only takes a few minutes, a little bit of money and a little care for your fellow human beings. You can help save a life while you are out doing something you love. You’re doing it anyways, make an impact while you’re out there!

If you help out a fellow cyclist, ask their permission to snap a photo. Upload it to Instagram or share it to the Facebook page and tag it with #everycyclistsafer

PROTIP: Charge the lights so they are ready to go as soon as you hand them out. Show the riders how they work and install them on their bikes.

Morzone Bicycle Safety Light – $10 each

League of American Cyclists Smart Cycling Quick Guides – $3 each

Every Cyclist Safer Kits – If you don’t have the means to buy the gear, contact me and I’ll get you some kits.

Thank you for caring!

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