Bicycle Pedal Wall Mount by Venzo – Review

Bicycle Pedal Wall Mount by Venzo – Review

Venzo VPT Bicycle Pedal Wall Mount

Cyclists love to joke about “The Formula”. The N + 1 Formula. You know…the correct number of bikes to own is N + 1; where N is the number of bikes you currently own. Get it?

Hang around the cycling community very long and you may end up with more than one bike, or five, or seven. I’d love to be able to say there is one bike to do it all, the so-called “quiver killer”. As a Mountain Biker, Gravel Rider, Road Rider, Commuter there is not one single bike that can do-it-all.

In building up the bike hangout/studio I wanted to be able to hang my primary rides in the studio space. A Mountain Bike and a dual purpose “Groad Bike” (Gravel/Road Bike). The Mountain Bike is an Orbea Occam AM, the Groad Bike is an Orbea Terra with two sets of wheels. One set is 700c with 28c road slicks and the other set is 27.5/650b with 42c Gravel Tires.

There are many options when it comes to mounting/hanging/storing bicycles. There are the vertical mounts, mounts to hang the bikes from the ceiling with the wheels, bike parking racks. I was looking for a solution that was inexpensive and space efficient.

The vertical mounts do allow you to store several bicycles in a fairly small space but the bicycles still protrude into the room space a fair amount. The ceiling wheel hangars also take a lot of space and also can cause issues with Mountain Bike suspension components and dropper posts when the bike is left hanging upside down.

After a bit of searching I found the concept of the bicycle pedal wall mount. The first product I saw looked great. It was made of plastic and came with color matched wheel trays to keep the bike level on the wall and to protect the walls from dirt and rubber marks. But they were a bit out of my price range at $70 per set. That’s $70 per bike!

A little more searching and I found the Venzo Bicycle Pedal Wall Mount on Amazon (see link below). There are not many reviews, but they were good reviews. The product looked sturdy in the photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could buy three for $28. Sold! I placed my order and waited.

The package arrived. The pedal mounts are very solid steel with a tough Rhino-Liner like coating to protect the mount, your crank arms and your pedals. There are no instructions but package included three wall anchors and three screws for each pedal hangar.

OK. Let’s figure this out. Word of caution: I would not even think about mounting a bike to the wall using only drywall anchors. So I set out to get these bikes up on the wall.


  1. Measure the height of the lower mount. This was the most challenging step as I had to hold the bike up against the wall, hold the hangar in one hand and put a mark on the wall with a pencil. The freshly painted wall definitely suffered a few rubber marks from the tires.
  2. Find the studs using a stud finder.
  3. Match the marked height in step 1 with the actual stud locations in step 2.
  4. Drill the holes. First problem! It was readily apparent that only 2 of the screw holes were going to match up with the stud. The remaining hole would have to use a drywall anchor.
  5. Secure the pedal mount to the wall. Did I mention how sturdy these things are?
  6. Cranks vertical and pedals horizontal/level. Hang that sucker up! Wow that was easy and it looks great. But, the bike keeps slipping on the wall as the center of gravity is not at the bottom bracket. The wall is suffering more rubber marks.
  7. Spend about an hour in the workshop fabricating some simple wheel shelf/wall protectors.
  8. Level the wheels up and pencil in the position. Attach the shelf/wall protectors to the wall. BINGO!



The setup is very sturdy, easy to install and it looks fantastic.


  • Price. The price can’t be beat. Compare these at less than $10 each to the plastic variety that sell for $70 each.
  • Build. Very solid steel with a Rhino-Liner like coating to protect the mount, your cranks and your pedals.


  • No instructions
  • Screw holes will only allow you to secure 2 of the holes to studs.

Get them here:

3 x Venzo Bike Bicycle Cycling Pedal Wall Mount Storage Hanger Stand




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