Five Essential Bike Handling Skills Day 1

Five Essential Bike Handling Skills Day 1

Track Stands, Wheelies, Stoppies, Cutties, Bunny Hops.

Can this old Goat learn some new tricks? Why? To be a better bike handler, to build new neural pathways making cool new things happen in my brain and to be a better rider.

The end Goal? To be able to do all 5 skills with confidence. How do I get there? Practice each skill for 15 minutes every day until I have them down. Then…move on to another set of skills. As I learn you can follow along by subscribing to the YouTube channel or to the Goat Rides Bikes blog at

As I learn I’ll point out the things that helped me most to figure out each skill. Culminating in my own “how to videos” for each skill. I know there are already plenty of great videos out there but not from an “old dude”. If you’re in my category…come along with me and let’s do this.

I started with these five skills because I just watched this video from the crew on the Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN) YouTube Channel. “Five Essential Mountain Bike Skills”

I am determined to learn these essential bike handling skills.

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